Game arrangement

Do you have something to celebrate? Anniversary, championship, or a children’s party? Come to Gamestate – you know for sure it will be fun! Invite your friends and the game is on! Everyone gets their own Playcard with game time and can completely indulge at Gamestate. At the end of the day/evening, the birthday boy or girl may also choose a free gift worth 1,200 points from our gift shop. The Game arrangement is valid for groups of at least five people, and can be modified according to your liking.

* Bronze: 25 minutes for € 5.00 per player
* Silver: 40 minutes for € 7.50 per player
* Gold: 60 minutes for € 10.00 per player

Not done playing yet? The Gold arrangement can easily be expanded. For only € 2.50 per 30 minutes, you can just stay put and continue gaming. Hopefully, see you soon!

Is there nothing to celebrate but you do want to go do some gaming? Of course, you are more than welcome at Gamestate. Walk on in, buy a game card for € 0.50, add any amount of credit you wish to add, and game ‘till the cows come home. Gamestate is open seven days a week.