About Gamestate


Gamestate is a game centre, where the young and old can amuse themselves. The phenomenon of gaming machines at Gamestate came from America, where the play and win concept has become a great success.

Gamestate is dedicated to offer an experience focussed on Family Entertainment for all audiences and ages. Through closely monitoring the trends and developments in the market regarding video and ticket games, we can offer our guests a wide range of games for endless fun!

Everyone at Gamestate can amuse themselves and enjoy the newest games. At a location of over 500 m2, filled with more than 75 innovative gaming machines, Gamestate Kerkrade is the latest of its kind.

Game on at Gamestate. In the Rotterdam game centre, there are more than 100 games waiting to be played by you. Play dozens of life-size games such as candy crush, flappy birds, air hockey, pinball or simulators.

Gamestate in Utrecht is one of the largest arcades in the Benelux! Gamestate Utrecht has a surface area of more than 1,000 mand is filled with life-size games. Varying from air hockey and racing games to simulators and 4D games. An unforgettable experience, you really should not miss.

You can win great prizes at all the Gamestate locations by collecting the tickets. You get these tickets based on your score at a game. Walk on in, buy a game card for € 0.50, add any amount of credit to it, and the game is on. Gamestate guarantees a lot of fun and … splashing prizes!